Triple-layer battenboard

The surface battens of the triple-layer battenboard are one-piece, the central layer is constructed of precise dovetail-joined battens rotated by 90°; upon customer request they may also be made of one-piece battens.

Boards for table tops

Thickness: 35/40/45/50 mm
Length: 80 cm – 3.20 m
Width: 70 cm – 125 cm
Design: dovetail-joined central layer – glued along their length or width, top battens covered on all six sides 4/5 mm
Quality: A/B/A/C

Triple-layer battenboard: 20 mm/27 mm/30 mm/35 mm
Top layer A side: flawless – uniform colour, assorted – longitudinally continuous
Thickness: 5 mm/4 mm – batten width 65-125 mm
Longitudinally continuous
Central layer: transversally continuous – dovetail-joined (invisible joining)
Width 30-100 mm, central layer visible on sides
Alternative: central layer shortened by 4 cm, edging with covering batten (20 mm) attached, longitudinally covered – central layer invisible